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Our company culture is “Always Excellence”.  It is our hope to treat each other and our clients with this in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use solvents? A: No, we use a solvent less extraction method using a centrifuge.
  • Are you WeedMaps verified.? A: We are not. The company is very old school in the way the owners think. We don’t even have a social media presence. We’ve been trying to get them to do it, but its a slow process with them.  Its a cultural thing.
  • Is it really 2 grams? A: Yes, we can bring you an empty cartridge to compare.
  • Do you have photos of your products we can use? A: Yes we will send you a link with photos.
  • Do you have lab tests? A: Yes we do, and can provide them. We even do batch control.
  • How do I order? A: We have a wholesale website you can log into and place your orders.
  • When are you open? A: We are open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • Can I pay with CC, Check, PayPal? A: We are cash only.
  • Do you charge tax or deliver recreationally? A: We delivery medically, and we do charge tax if you plan to charge tax.
  • How are your plants grown? A:
    • The Flower is grown from seeds out of Amsterdam seed banks with whom we have multiple long standing contracts with.
      Our Flower is grown as organically as possible to create the best product we can, however no legal body currently certifies any Marijuana products currently so labeling is not possible yet. We are currently working with Vista Bio Science labs to test and provide all test results for our end product concentrates.
      Our process:
      -All natural nutrients and soil
      -Temperature and Humidity control
      -Mold and Pest Control
      -Batch growing method
      -Grown in Southern California with our own growers
      -Indoor Grow only
  • Where do you get your terpene from? A: We purchase our terpenes from a company in Humboldt California.
  • Does the battery die before the cartridge is empty? A: No the battery lasts the entire cartridge.  We also offer free chargers.


  • You are not WeedMaps verified. Overcome: …
  • We are not taking vendors right now. Overcome: …


  • No minimum on the first order.
  • Every subsequent order there is a $300 minimum.
  • We deliver within 1-2 hours from the time of orders in OC, 3-4 LA, IE and SD
  • Return Policy
    • We will exchange if the battery does not work.
    • We will exchange if the cartridge leaks.
    • We will exchange/refund if a product does not sell.
      • In this case it must be unopened and in good condition.
    • We will do a one time courtesy exchange if the client breaks the cartridge.

Vape Highlights

  • Glass and metal body.
  • Dual Ceramic coil cartridge
    • 2 gram cartridge
  • Includes a volt adjustable battery
  • Micro USB Charger
  • 91% THC.
    • Each cartridge uses terpenes from each from 3 different strains.