How it Works!

Welcome to The Amsterdam Company.  Here’s how to our website works.

Browse Around

Start by browsing around.  We have a great selection of premium cannabis products and adding more each month.  Click on the Menu at the top and click on Shop.  From there you can see our entire selection.  Take your time and read about each products.  We put a lot of time and effort in the hopes of educating new and long time clients.

Add To Card, Create an Account & Checkout

If you’ve ever used or any other online retailer, the next steps are easy.  Add what you would like to cart, create an account and checkout.  All of your information in encrypted on our servers and database and stored in the European Union, namely Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.  There is nothing to worry about, we are very secure.

Cash or SmartCC

Next you either pay with Cash or SmartCC.  In order to pay with cash, you must live in Orange County, California where our US headquarters is located.  We will dispatch a driver out to you with your order.   However if you are not in Orange County, California, and are in another city or another state, then we ask that you pay using SmartCC.

What is SmartCC and should I trust it?

SmartCC, located in Palo Alto, CA is a third-party payment processor like PayPal.  Due to the nature of our industry we can’t accept direct payment online.  So our company contracts with SmartCC in order to process payments.  There are lot of companies that offer online payment services, like and  However we chose SmartCC because they are very secure, your purchases are private and more importantly anonymous.  Meaning you can purchase our products with zero concern about someone looking at your credit card and bank statements.

What happens after I place my order?

If you are local to our headquarters, we will dispatch a driver right away and let you know an accurate ETA.  If you are in a different city or state, we will ship your package same day (except Sundays).  Once the package has been shipped, we will upload a copy of the receipt and tracking number to your account.  You can then track your order as it arrives to your home.

I have more questions…

We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have.  We’ve created an F.A.Q. that will answer most of your questions.  It can be found here.  Frequently Asked Questions.  Also, you will notice that we have a chat program directly on our website.  Message us anytime during normal business hours.  And finally you can email our Client Manager, Ana Decker at or text us as 949.444.2894